Day 2

Gary had always had feelings for Amy. Amy is an angel. She is always helpful, compassionate and pleasant. She tops the class every year yet she is always humble and willing to share her secrets.

Gary was one of the sinking boats until Ms Wong put Amy next to him. From that day onwards, Gary sees hope. Amy helps Gary with his study and patiently explains every question, no matter how long it takes. They have become close friends. Gary never knew he has a serious side too. Gary never dared to talk about university and his future career. Now what he thinks about is to be a man of achievements, so he can take care of his lady. Undoubtedly in Gary’s dream, the lady would be nobody but Amy.

This year Gary decided to do something to let Amy know how he felt about her. He wanted to express his thankful heart. He would ask no more than being good friends with Amy for he knew he would never deserve someone as good as Amy. But Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of friendship, Gary thought. Amy means, if not more, equally important as his lover. All that matters is Gary is happy to have her around, and he hopes he’ll be as happy forever.

On Valentine’s Day, Gary put the card and the present into Amy’s drawer. He felt completely peaceful. As he returned to his seat, he saw a little box inside his drawer.It was from Amy. Gary didn’t know how to feel at that moment. He unwrapped the gift as fast as he could and he could see, he could feel his future coming close.

“Hi Gary. Happy Valentine’s! Just want you to know you’re an important important important friend to me. I’m grateful Ms Wong put me next to you. You have changed a lot, closer to the person you said you wanted to be. As for the trouble you shared with me, don’t worry about it. I’m sure you’ll find the right girl soon because you’re the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. Let me be the first one to know who that special girl is. 😉 Amy”

What does that even mean? Gary thought. With the same gentle heart, Gary never pushed Amy and never asked her out. Who knows what would they be if one of them dares to dream a little bit more, fall a little bit deeper. 


7 days with Gary and Amy – Day 1

Gary had always had feelings for Amy. He couldn’t explain why but he had a déjà vu the first time he saw Amy. Maybe she’s a kindergarten schoolmate, maybe they’ve met on the bus, maybe they’ve been to the same concert. Gary just knew Amy could easily be a part of his life, because she fit. Gary had been ecstatic ever since he found his missing piece.

This year Gary decided to do something to let Amy know how he felt about her. It’s only natural for him, the man, to take the initiative. God has given him Amy, so it’s up to him to make her stay. He got her a nice watch. He wanted her to wear it every day so every time she checked her time, she would think about Gary. What a smart idea! Gary said to himself. “…And I wish to spend every ticking around the watch with you. Sincerely, Gary”.

On Valentine’s Day, Gary put the card and the present into Amy’s drawer. Don’t panic. It will work just as you’ve planned. Nothing could go wrong. You’re meant to be together. Gary spoke to himself with every step away from Amy’s seat. There seemed to be a humongous force pulling him backward to the seat. NOT A GOOD IDEA! A voice yelled. But there’s no one in the classroom. Gary took a glance of the gift. It is a good idea. It is the best idea! It’s the first girl who makes your heart jump out of chest.

“You did what?” Dave tried to pull a serious face but he couldn’t help laughing. Dave is shameless, for everyone in the class agreed. “Not a good idea, bro. Look! She’s not even talking to you anymore!” He pointed it right out when Amy walked across Gary’s seat at recess. Amy heard and threw a despiteful stare at Gary. “Wak-wao… You needa make a new friend now.” Dave shrugged and tapped Gary’s shoulder. Amy’s the girl who made Gary’s heart jump out of chest, and then it dropped and broke into pieces.